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Here are three Christmas albums released on the Power Pak label (a subsidiary of Gusto Records) from the mid-1970s. Lee Hartsfeld at Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else shared out several tracks last year and I did the same for the 2007 Yuleblog Sampler.

Startling facts about these albums:

1.) All three albums have the EXACT same lineup of songs from beginning to end!

2.) All three albums have the EXACT musical backgrounds but feature the instrument listed on the cover

3.) All three albums have nearly the EXACT same back cover!

Duhhh... it's a budget label! Of course they're gonna cut this on the cheap! It's real, it's good... but it's not real good.

Vic Jordan - Christmas Banjo

Don Charles & Jim Baker - Nashville Harmonica At Christmas

Jim Baker - A Steel Guitar Christmas

Happy listening...