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Hello Monday...you are here!
So happy to see you.
It's Spring Break!

My girls and I are bringing out the Easter Decor!
Carrots are everywhere this Spring.
Instead of the typical orange, we added a few polka dots and stripes!
The decorating possibilities are endless.
I have made my carrots with gathering the tops and tucking the top inside the carrot.
Follow a simple Tutorial by:

Hang your carrots on a wreath
Place them in a basket for a Easter Table Top!
Place your carrots in a Glass Jar!
Fun, Fun Fun!

Enjoy your Spring day!
We are getting a lot of beautiful Sunshine!
I hope you are too!

What's new in My Etsy Shop?
Handmade CUPCAKES made especially for you...Zero calories!
 Fill your cupcakes with Easter Eggs and Easter Treats!

Children's Cupcake Bag and Cupcake Pin Cushion Patterns available. 

Have a sweet day!

Hello Monday......Spring is beautiful!
The temperatures are warm, the birds are singing, the skies are blue,
beautiful flowers are blooming!
My little daughter was marking her calendar yesterday with up and coming
events.  She quickly reminded me...... "It's The First Day Of Spring!"
I love her excitement for Spring!
Children are wonderful, they fill our world with Seasons of JOY!
Today on her calendar is a Teddy Bear Picnic.
She's been counting down for this fun day!
A beach towel, snacks, and a cute Teddy Bear are in the back pack!
What fun to be a First Grader!
I still remember my First Grade Teacher, she was a favorite!
My boys are excited for Spring Break and so am I!

I'm starting a new pattern! It's the baby doll bunting!
I love this pattern because it is filled with several fabrics.
You can welcome any season of colors and patterns.
I favor the bright and cheerful Spring and Summer colors for this pattern.
I will let you know when I have it completed!

We are going to make some of these during our Spring Break!
So simple, so pretty! 
I'm going to use the flameless tea lights.
I'm going to fill the glasses with Jordan Almonds and chocolate Easter Eggs!
(I found the idea from Good Housekeeping Easter Crafts.)

"Here's the votive's version of Easter finery: these enchanting assemblages, crafted in seconds and guaranteed to dress up any holiday table. All you need are candles, ribbon, gerbera daisies, cordial glasses, and double-stick tape. Affix a length of ribbon around the metal rim of the votive. Snip off almost the entire stem of the flower, splay out the petals, and insert into the glass. Top each daisy with a lit candle. For a twinkling effect, place a glass at each setting."

Enjoy your beautiful Spring Day!

Hooray!  What a "Sweet" day!
The Simply Sweet Cupcake Bag PDF Pattern is finally available!
I'm excited to bring it to you!
This Cupcake Bag is loved by little girls everywhere!
I've made it for many Birthday Parties!
Hang your cupcakes on your dining room chairs and Welcome smiles!
I like to fill my cupcake bag with a children's apron, cookie cutters,
 frosting and all the
"sweet" supplies for cupcake treats!
Be sure to include my Swiss Rolls!

Great FUN for Easter!
(I will have more cupcake bags listed in my etsy shop  for those
that don't sew or don't want to sew!)
Have a "Sweet" Day!
Thank you for visiting!

Welcome Friends......Welcome Spring!
Recently I visited a Pottery Barn Store at the beautiful
Biltmore Fashion Park Outdoor Mall in Phoenix, Arizona.
There are more than 70 shops at Biltmore Fashion Park, organized into a cosmopolitan feeling area where you walk through gardens and fountains on brick walkways to unique and beautiful retail shops.
I was so inspired!
Lemons, Green Apples, Flowers, Birds and Nests were everywhere.

I was with my family. It didn't take long to figure the girls needed to do their thing
and the boys needed to do theirs!
The boys went on their way visiting the Apple Store and my two daughters stayed with me.
I left with the feeling of wanting Spring all around me.
The boys left with wanting the new electronic gadgets, so if they were writing this post
we would see a lot of Apple Inspiration,like the Hero Ipod two, since they are not writing this post,
you will see a little Pottery Bran Inspiration.......

 My favorite..Pepsi crates!
I left Pottery Barn with so many new ideas and inspiration that left me
wanting to create more nests with eggs!
So, I'm back in my breakfast nook creating more Spring,
along with 900 more projects waiting to get finished!
Do you ever feel...
Once Upon A Time There Was Time
Have a beautiful Spring Day where ever you are!

A "Simply Sweet" Cupcake Pin Cushion to enjoy with your crafty, quilting friends!
Minimal sewing! 
Tutorial Pattern available in my etsy shop!  Free Shipping!
Easy to follow step by step instructions with pictures.
Cupcake Pin Cushions are also available!

I'm still working on the Children's Simply Sweet Cupcake Bag.
I think they are adorable for Birthday Parties!

Hello Friends!
Sorry about the absence this past week.
It's spring cleaning and writing!
I've found my sewing room again.
It's great to work in a re-organized space!
It seems I could go days and days of organizing,
 it never ends!  It's a domino effect.
It feels good to take a break from Spring Cleaning and say hello to you all!

I'm excited to say my Cupcake Bag will be available as a pattern soon!
(That is what I'm currently writing.)
Simply Sweet Children's Cupcake Bag
I will let you know when the pattern becomes available as a PDF file and a hard copy.
I'm also in the process of writing new patterns of my original designs.
Thank you for requesting the cup cake pattern!
It's finally happening!
I'm excited to bring it to you!
Sweet Dreams!