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This is the third of the Capitol "Christmas In" series that I'm posting for 2008. The other two include "Christmas In Germany" and "Christmas In Italy". This is the Swedish version from the same series.

"Christmas In Sweden" is as authentic as you can get when it comes to Swedish Christmas.

I tried to find some background on Jelving and found two sites. The first was this Swedish Wikipedia entry (anyone other than Anna-Lena Lodenius know how to speak Swedish here?) and the other was a site offering Jelving ringtones (yeah, right!). If anyone has extra info on Åke, please let us know.

Side one contains four tracks but yumpin' yiminy! These tracks just swing with Swedish folk and Christmas. Try not tapping your toes to this side. Side two is mode sedate, more solemn. "Sankta Lucia" isn't exactly a Christmas song but somehow it fits here.

THIS JUST IN: A comment from AbleApe prompted us to re-listen to track eight. We've discovered that due to an error in the restoration of this track (aka I screwed up), 1/2 of this track was deleted. I have re-recorded it and uploaded it as a separate track - thanks Able for bringing this to my attention.

Åke Jelving - Christmas In Sweden

08 - Var Hälsad Sköna Morgonstund (CORRECTED)

Happy listening...