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I found this album in a thrift store and the wheels began spinning. Why did the name of Vic Dana sound so familiar?

After searching my collection, I discovered that I had downloaded a Christmas Greeting from him from BearShare in 2003 - it was the last thing I downloaded using any P2P file-sharing program. Another discovery was that this album wasn't on CD anywhere.

Vic Dana was a singer/dancer discovered by Sammy Davis Jr.! He had a moderately successful career in the 1960s - three of his singles were Top 40 hits and was on the Dolton Records label for all of that time.

Dolton was a subsidiary of Liberty Records and in 1967, Liberty decided to merge Dolton into its own label. The very last record ever issued on the Dolton label was this one!

According to Wikipedia, Dana now sells used cars in Paducah, Kentucky and Google confirms this!

Take this one for a test drive:

Vic Dana - Sings Little Altar Boy & Other Christmas Songs

Happy listening...