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Of all the thrift stores in all the towns in all the world, this album found mine.

I never expected to see an actual Taiwanese Christmas album here in Fort Wayne. But this cover stood out like a someone wearing a White Sox jersey at a Cubs game in Wrigley Field.

With the exception of the title, the artist, and the city of origin, and the names of the songs on the back cover, there is no other printing in English. What's worse is I'm not certain of the language printed all over the covers and insert.

This album contains fourteen Christmas songs sung by a children's choir either in Chinese, Cantonese, Korean, or Philippino. It's fun, touching, and a treat to hear these favorites in a brand new way.

And if the final seven songs sound like the album's warped, you're only half right. When I transferred this, I noticed the grooves on side two were off-center. This meant the needle was bucking and weaving side-to-side like a seismologist's needle during a mild earthquake!

I wish I had the capacity to record a YouTube video and post video of this needle swaying in the wind - it's the darnedest thing I've ever seen when transferring an album.

The Lutheran Voice Children's Choir - Silent Night

Happy listening...