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Last year, Lee Hartsfield at Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else shared out several tracks of this album. I had this album in my possession at the time but my schedule prevented me in sharing it out.

Long before Muzak, Seeburg was providing elevator and office music with their music machines that held custom discs with endless hours of music. They also were one of the first companies to add coin machines to just about anything (phonograph records, washing machines, parking meters) which led to a successful run of jukeboxes.

If you want to read more on Seeburg, check out this history of the company here. Then visit former Seeburg employee Tony Miller's extensive website all about the inner workings of everything Seeburg.

This album was a promo to owners of an older machine or prospective buyers of a new Seeburg machine. Either way, you get some great instrumental music.

Seeburg Corporation - The Sight & Color of Christmas

If you liked this Seeburg album, you better be sure to visit our friend Ernie (Not Bert) - he posted a remarkable vintage Seeburg record along with some great Muzak albums... great Muzak = oxymoron?

I dedicate this album to Lee Hartsfeld for all the amazing music and hard work he puts in daily into his blog - cheers Lee!