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I posted three of the Capitol "Christmas In" series today and wanted to an addendum - in later years, Capitol would take foreign artists like Wiener Sangerkanben (aka The Vienna Boys Choir) and add them to their "Christmas In" series, add "passport stamps", and make it real international.

The unofficial Capitol "Christmas In" checklist (if there are other countries I've left out, leave us a comment and I'll add it to the list):
  • Christmas In England
  • Christmas In Germany
  • Christmas In Spain
  • Christmas In Sweden
  • Christmas In Mexico
  • Christmas In France
  • Christmas In Holland
  • Christmas In Italy
  • Christmas In Austria
  • Christmas In Brazil (thanks, Dantalian)
Here's an album that wasn't a part of that series but could qualify as one. When I discovered the three Capitol "Christmas In" albums at my local thrift store, this album wasn't too far behind in the stacks.

Mexico has Placido Domingo, Spain has Jose Carreras, but Sweden has Ingvar Wixell. A baritone opera singer, Wixell began his career in 1955 with the Royal Swedish Opera, then moved to Germany to become a member of Deutsche Oper Berlin in 1967, where he stayed for 30 years until his retirement.

This album was released in 1965 and if you're looking for a Swedish Christmas opera album, look no further. Wixell sings his heart out on many of the Swedish songs on this album - this guy can belt.

Ingvar Wixell - Christmas Music Of Sweden

This isn't the first time I've typed about Wixell - earlier this year I reviewed a Swedish comp I received as a gift and whaddya know? Ingvar was on it!

Happy listening...