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Hello Monday!
Hello Friends....Hello Fall!
(Photo by Country Living)
September is around the corner!
 I'm excited for September 1st!
In my book, It's officially Fall!
(even if  it's 100 plus degrees!)
I like to think of it as the
I'm smiling BIG becuase I'm here to announce:
will begin September 1ST!
(similar to The Twelve days of Creative Christmas)

You will see a lot of FALL inspiration and FALL creations of my own, along with
FALL favorites from Pinterest and other places.

 All comments (including this post) from the next
 will be included in a drawing for
(your choice)
The winner will be announced October 12TH.
(Winner must also be a follower)

See you all SEPTEMBER 1ST.
Come along and join the fun!
Thanks for visiting!

Hello everyone!
It's Fun Friday!
I'm sharing more Pinterest Favorites!
This one comes from:
When I saw the red and white polka dot wrapping paper along
with adorable baby feet, I knew this was something great!
(I'm posting this Christmas idea early, so TIME is on your side).

The idea  is to wrap 24 favorite Christmas Books and let your
kids pick a book each night or each day to read through out the month of December.
I know this tradition may not be new for you, but the idea of
wrapping your books in Christmas paper, preferably polka dot wrapping paper,
and numbering your Christmas Books is adorable!

I'm a big fan of Christmas Books, especially
Children's Christmas books
With six children, I have a pretty good Christmas collection gong on!
I started many years ago purchasing one Christmas book each year for my kids.
I think it's a wonderful gift on Christmas Eve with a new pair of Christmas PJ's.
(great encouragement for bed time on Christmas Eve!)

There are many cute Advent Calendars that can be used with this idea.
One reminder, I wish I would have written the year inside our Christmas books.
I will be reviewing a NEW Christmas Book Titled
The Santa Club by Kelly Moss
coming my way in the next few days.
I will keep you posted.
"As you take the normal opportunities of your daily life and create something of beauty and helpfulness,
you improve not only the world around you but also the world within you"

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Welcome Friends!
Sew happy for your visit!
Sew what's new?
 Cupcake Creations....

Reversible Cupcake Apron with pockets,
great for cooking gadgets and a few cupcake treats! 
(Thanks to my little daughter...she will let me take her picture for ICE CREAM! :)
Kitchens are made to bring FAMILIES TOGETHER!
You can wear matching Aprons with
your Mother, Sister, Grandmother, Aunt
whom ever you choose!

A Cupcake for every day of the week! 
Fabrics by A Cupcake A Day.

Reversible-Two Aprons In One!

A Cupcake Pin Cushion to match.
(PDF Pattern available in my etsy shop)
Oh what fun it is to SEW!

Last but not least....
A Cupcake Tote Bag!

Have a Sweet Day!

Whatever Goes Wednesday
Thank you Joni!  Visit her adorable blog!


 PINTEREST....Are you a Fan?
It's like walking into a candy store filled with endless INSPIRATION!

It's FRIDAY...time to share some CREATIVITY from the candy store!
 I'm going to share a few pins from my pinterest boards.

This week has been about Apples.
Apple Inspiration!
( I promise I'm going to move on.)

Welcome to Pinterest...
My Favorite Boards:
1-Community.thenest.com  2- Southern Living

Sewing Projects
79 ideas.org

For The Home
(Love the Pumpkins!)


Sweet Dreams!

Come along!
You can follow my Pinterest Boards at:
Have a Zip pity Doo-DA Day!
Wear some Red Converse High Tops and have some FUN!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Welcome To The Apple Orchard!
Part Two
I'm sewing more green apples!
I'm also working on Red Apples!

Apples are embellished with ribbons, tulle and fabric leaves.
The green and white gingham fabric is my favoite.

Happy Fall Ya'll
Tip Me Tuesday

A little more Apple Inspiration!
 Apples are arriving....freshly made from my sewing room!
You will see Red and Green Polka Dot Apples with green leaves!
All handmade for the apple of your eye!

Brown polka dot stems, doily flowers and fall beads are included!

Apple Facts:
The average person eats 65 apples a year.
Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California are the top 5 apple-producing states in the U.S. In all, 36 states produce apples commercially.
The apple is the official state fruit of Washington, New York, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.
Apple trees don't bear their first fruit until they are four or five years old.
The more apples a person eats, the lower his or her risk of developing lung cancer.

Have a Bright Sunshiny Day!
Eat a apple! :)

Home Is Where The Heart Is.
(artwork by my little daughter from the first week of school)

Welcome Friends! 
I'm back as promised with another Back To School idea for your kids!
We have school uniforms at our school, so shoes and socks become
something that brings a little versatility and fun to the wardrobe!

So here's the scoop....
A Back To School Banner with socks for each day of the week!
 I found the cutest socks at Payless Shoe Store.
Fill the socks with  notes of encouragement for a great school year along
with school supplies and small treats, or whatever you choose.

The socks are attached with clothes pins onto red ribbon.
I covered the clothes pins with Back to School ribbon.

(There are six socks, one pair for the weekend.)
I think the weekend socks are great for putting a note of something

The fun part is filling the socks.
My daughter joined in on the fun and added
My Little Pet Shop toys.

You can also add Back To School items in your socks
from my previous post found here.

(I found Back to School ribbon at Michaels.)

Have a great Week!
PS.  Check out the cute flip flop quilt made by my niece at