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I first encountered this album at a record show back in 2003 - the asking price was $75 and it featured some great artwork on its insert and covers. Some time in the last two years, I found this album at another blog along the sharity network who offered this album. When I opened the zip file, I had the music but very little artwork.

I found this on eBay earlier this year and overpaid for a copy (ouch!). But I had copy number 671 of 1000 and I'm proud to present the entire album with all artwork included.

There's some amazing raw punk and garage Christmas music in this comp - some of which is definitely NSFW. The raw power on this album is truly something no other Christmas album has - try some of this when you want to break up the holiday party at 3 AM!

We Three Bings - Vital Music's N.Y. Trash Xmas Comp

Happy listening...