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Hello Friday!  Hello Friends!
I hope you are all doing great!
Are you working on projects for the Holidays?
I've been working on Christmas Cupcake Pin Cushions.
The zero calorie kind.

If  you have my PDF Cupcake Pincushion Pattern, you may understand a little more
about what this is all about.
If you don't, that is fine too, I hope you feel inspired.
Here are just a few ideas to CREATE a Cupcake Pincushion for CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

I will have more cucake pincushions available in my etsy shop soon!
I will ship your cupcake pin cushion in a "HO HO" Bakery Box.
Cupcake Pin Cushions are made with strawberry, cherry and polka dot fabrics.
The fabrics are versatile for year round.
 Each Christmas Cupcake comes with a apple green and white polka dot ramekin dish.
(my favorite part)

I'm also working on more cupcake bags!
If you would like to make this bag, a PDF pattern is available in my etsy shop.
Cupcakes are also fun for little Girls!
I think I have a weakness for cupcakes!

                                    Have a "sweet" day!
                                     Thanks for visiting!

My daughter found this cute treat on our door step today!
It's really good and cute for a FALL TREAT!
Just dropping by to share it with  you!

8-10 cups graham cereal
8 cups minature marshmellows
1 medium size bag M&M's
Carmel popcorn
2 (11 1/2 ounce) bags milk chocolate chips

Mix all ingredients to taste (based on personal preference)
Scoop 2-3 cups into individual bags, tie with tags as shown.
Pass it along-
(image from Pinterest/ Google.com)

Welcome Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
I'm loving Football games and anxiously awaiting cooler temperatures.
(the usual)
I want to give a shout out to the sweet ladies who included my pumpkins
in recent Etsy Treasuries!
If you want to see some beautiful and unique Fall Creations check it out here:

Here comes a little fun!
Along Came A spider...Black and White Polka Dot Table Runner to
match my Black and White Polka Dot Pumpkins!
I'm still working on a table runner to match the burlap pumpkins.
Sewing is joyful and sweet!
Although, I must say, nothing compares to the Joy of Family and Friends!

 Thank you for visiting!
Have a Beautiful Day!

PS.  I enjoyed the most beautiful talk this past weekend.
"I hope it will be a symbol of the little things that make your lives joyful and sweet,"
check it out.

Welcome Friends! Welcome Friday!
It's time for Fun Friday!

Here are a few Pinterest Favorites
from one of my Pinterest Boards: 


Frame a Chalkboard
There are so many CREATIVE ideas with Fame Decor!
Frames bring COLOR, PERSONLITY and CHARM to a room!

Frame a Cork Board with fabulous discounted frames

I love these!
Frames featured(above photos) are from etsy.com
(I'm sorry--Pinterest does not list the shops)

Photo Wall Collage
LOVE this idea!

The LOVE of a FAMILY is Life's greatest blessing


I hope you feel inspired to CREATE some great picture walls!
I'm currently working on two walls in my home.
First Step:  Inspiration
Have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting!
(ABC frame from etsy.com)

Welcome Friends!
Welcome AUTUMN!
Sew What's NEW?
Pumpkins with a little flair for BURLAP!
                             I've never been a big fan of burlap, since the feel of burlap is a little itchy!
But I must say........
 I love burlap with elements of NATURE and FALL.
I've fallen for burlap!

A time to gather together and be thankful for our blessings
Celebrate AUTUMN!  Create a little Fall Happiness!

Have a Beautiful FALL!
Fall is the most beautiful TIME of the Year!
Thanks for visiting!
The Lettered Cottage

Here's to
A little Burlap Inspiration! 

Beautiful Burlap Pillows

Burlap Gift
2.  google.com

Burlap Party Bags
3.  southernliving.com

Chalkboard with Burlap Bow
4.  buckets of burlap.blogspot.com

Burlap Mannequin
5. dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

6. etsy.com

Sweet Burlap Accessories
7. jaysonandashley.blogspot.com

Christmas Burlap Stockings
I see burlap stockings everywhere!
8.  makeit-love-it.com
9. eabdesigns.typepad.com

10.  google.com
11.  dearlillieblog.blogspot.com

I'm truly inspired--I hope you are too!

12.  freckledlaundry.com
13.  burlap banner/etsy.com

Do what you LOVE.....LOVE what you do!
What is your favorite burlap creation?
I love the burlap mannequins.
I'm working on new pumpkins
with a little touch of burlap!
Burlap creations coming soon!
Thanks for visiting!

Hey Howdy Hey---Have a GREAT DAY!