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Accessories shine through with unique creations that reflect
I think Kids Rooms are the funnest rooms to decorate since they portray
 a lot of
A nursery is always filled with sweetness!

Little girls room are filled with Pink!
The psychology of color always amazes me.
  PINK ..... 
charming, tender, playful, delicate, sugar and spice, femine and sweet!

Here's a fun PINK craft made from clothespins that bring a lot of
Sparkle, Wimsical fun and Personality to your little girls room!
wood clothes pins, tulle, ribbon, black and pink permanent marker, yarn for hair, paper for crown, pipe cleaners for arms.
Paint the body top pink, ballet shoes and cheeks pink.
add gathered tulle with a glue gun.
Attach hair with yarn to the top of the wooden clothespin.
Make crown by cutting triangles with circle on top.
Embellish with tiny pink ribbon.
You can attach your adorable creations around your child's room. 
We have also attached them to hair barrettes!
You can also hang them from the ceiling with fish line.
Tiny friends find a home in tulip pockets on a pillow sham.
Sew polka-dot fabric pockets to a plain sham. 
Embellish with ribbons, buttons, cute trims and bows!

Fill your day with sweetness, let your personality shine!

Welcome to a fun Mother/ Daughter craft!
Turn your Vintage Doll and Barbie clothes into artwork! I still have a few barbie clothes from my childhood.
How about you?

1.  Use shadow box's or a frame with some depth.
2.  The scrapbook paper works well with the card stock weight.
3.  Adhere the Barbie clothes with double stick tape.
4.  For a retro style, you can paint polka dots onto the frames.
5. Be sure to date your frames for your daughter.
6. It is also fun to include the latest fashions of today. (A keepsake for the future)


I heart handmade, baby gifts! 
Today is the day of a baby shower for one special little baby girl who will be arriving soon!
This sweet little baby girl is going to receive a dozen cupcakes filled with "sweet treats"!
Ingredients:  Six adorable little baby socks wrapped in 12 colorful washcloths, three onesies, three handmade burpcloths made with sweet little polka dots and ric rac!

I saved my sons cake box from his Birthday!
I Wrapped the clear cake container in tulle, add a baby tag!
Welcome Sweet BABY GIRL!

I am going to make more!  You will see more baby boy and baby girl creations, and other magical creations for baby coming soon to my etsy shop!
I will use a lot of my handmade burp cloths, diaper buddy bags, and other handmade baby accessories!


                                                               Have a "SWEET" day!

We are celebrating a Birthday at our house! It's fun to see the tradition of the "red plate" carried forward even when your child is growing older (teenager).  If you don't have a red plate or wondering what's up with the red plate--read below.

       The Red Plate  is the perfect way to acknowledge a family member's special triumphs...celebrate a birthday...praise a job well done...reward a goal achieved...or simply say "You Are Special Today." When the Red Plate is used, any meal becomes a celebration honoring that special person, event or deed.
  My plate is actually a Mary Englebrite plate.  The purpose works the same with any special plate!
The secret and success of the plate is to only use it for special occasions!  Praise the recipient and make it a big deal!

I'm a big fan of the "red plate".
When my kids get married, I am going to give them a "special plate".
 (I've tried to purchase the Mary Engelbrite plate for gifts.  I can't find it any longer).
I smile at how our plate has carried forward from toddler years into the teenage years!

You are Special Today!
Share your "red plate" celebrations! 

This Fall wreath is from my Home!  A favorite wreath for the Holidays!  You can easily make one!
Materials needed:  A circular Styrofoam wreath with added fruits and vegetable picks found at any craft store.   Secure your picks with glue gun, add ribbon, green ivy and grapevine.  I found my favorite picks at Michael's Craft Store! I've also hung this wreath from a mirror  with wide brown ribbon in my Dining Room. 
More pictures to come!
You can see the simple, quick and easy directions at:
Votive Candles inside hurricane lamps with floral picks.
A great addition to welcome Fall!

Fall is coming!  It's a new renewed spirit of excitement!  Cooler temperatures in the southwest, football, pumpkins and beautiful COLORS of Fall! I'm counting down to Septmeber!
HOME is where you make your nest! Time to create a Fall Nest!
I haven't officially started to decorate for Fall.  I like to start on September 1st!
The previous three pictures are from my home last fall. I'm feeling inspired!

Welcome to the land of Make Believe!
Oh, how I miss my little darling, the caboose of the family, who has started First Grade!
  She would dress up in her finest and off she would go to a magical place, inviting me to come along!
How I miss attending the Princess Ball!

In honor of all  little girls who love to play in a magical world of make-believe. 
 Welcome  "simply sweet"creations!

Fabrics by "Simply Sweet"by Barbara Jones of Quiltsoup for Henry Glass Fabrics

  Hall or Nothing Creations

I'm a fan of aprons, especially handmade!  I love big pockets for crafting and cooking essentials.  How about you?  There are so many great apron patterns!  I have created my own pattern, since I'm guilty of never following a pattern, which I love patterns!  I love them for inspiration
 I am so excited about the new Halloween fabrics! 
I  found an adorable retro apron that is easy to make and FREE!
(Better Homes and Garden has great apron patterns).
You can find the apron directions HERE!
Let The Magic Begin!
Happy Crafting and Cooking to you!

(New Halloween Aprons in my Etsy shop!)
Thanks for visiting!

Hello Friends!
New Pumpkins in the Pumpkin Patch!

New Halloween/Fall Fabrics from "Boo To You"-Riley Blake, Harvest Town, Maywood, Timeless Treasures and  "Halloween Night" from Moda!

My Pumpkin Friends will soon be making their journey to new homes!
So long my pumpkin friends!