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Who doesn't love these?
Ice Cream Cone Cake...My favorite for kids!
You can find the recipe HERE.

Come along for "On the Go" ideas for kids!
Check out this CUTE project from Amazing Mae!
Super Easy to make and so functional for kids!

You can find the directions HERE:

I want to share with you another "On the Go" for kids.
I made these Activity "Tag along wallets" several months ago.

This one was a custom made project from my etsy shop.

The "Tag Along Wallets" are compact and easy to carry for little hands.
My Talented sister introduced me to Activity Notebooks,
she has made them for her kids.

There are many different versions that can be made, the main concept is:

My little daughter loves to take her "Tag Along Wallet" on the road.

The plastic vinyl is added to keep the crayons from rubbing on the fabric when
the Tag Along Wallet is closed.
The notebooks are placed behind the vinyl pocket.

I also attach the clipboard to the inside pocket with a ribbon.
It keeps the clipboard from getting lost in our travels.
There are so many different variations of pocket sizes to accommodate
your kids treasures, like the electronic gadgets.

This one's for the BOYS!
(Made by Grandma)
Made a lot like the Crayon Roll.
Make several wide pockets for cars and trucks.

If you are new to my blog.
I have featured this Quilt HERE.

Happy Trails To You and your kids!
I'm on the road with my kids.
I will see you all next week!

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Natalie made a beautiful Rouenneries Valentines Wall Hanging Quilt 
Main Objective:  "Use What I have Kick"
I think every quilter has fabrics that can be turned into something beautiful!
Here is the pattern Natalie drew using Charm Squares cut into Quarters.
Natalie has inspired me to dig into my fabrics a little deeper!
The heart pattern looks so fun to CREATE!
You will see more inspiring quilts from Natalie, as she is making a beautiful quilt for her sweet Mother!
Thank you Natalie!
Happy Valentines!

Celebrate Valentines in a "Happy Meal" Style!
The Theme of treats are endless!
(I found my box(s) at Target-Dollar Isle)
Here are a few ideas of what you can put inside:

Handmade Candy Pin Cushion
You can find more ideas of my CUPCAKE Pin Cushions HERE!
(Red ceramic dish found at JoAnns-75% off Christmas Clearance)

The cupcake is made with a pair of Valentines socks rolled into a cupcake.  The cupcake is topped with a heart cupcake pick and flower.
(The socks were purchased at Target-Dollar Isle).
The French Fries are made with Pencils and a McDonalds French Fries Sleeve.
The French Fries are from a previous post, you can see the French Fries HERE.

"Valentines From The Heart" Valentines with card on the back for a "Love" note.
Great for everyone!
(A simple wood heart covered with decorative paper, buttons, ribbons and trims)
Do you remember the hearts from Christmas?

I love the RED box, because you can use the "Happy Meal" theme for Christmas, Birthdays,
Mothers Day, Fathers Day, you name it!

(Embellish your Valentines Box with tags, ribbons and trims)
Be resourceful, use what you have.
 Wishing you all a "Happy Day"!
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The album you are looking at holds a special spot in my collection.  It was one of the first Christmas albums I actively searched for when I seriously began collecting Christmas music.  It also was the first album I ever shared online (first at FaLaLaLaLa.com, then here).  

And it's still one of the most popular shares in my sharity list  (over 800 downloads since I first posted this).

Since I'm a sentimental guy, I decided when I got my new USB turntable in hopes of remastering many of my older shares that this would be the first album that would get the star treatment.

I think Mae West would have been pleased.

I had rescanned the covers (300 dpi) and the record labels and was getting ready to drop the needle to re-record the glorious tones of Ms. West.


I was reading my new copy of Goldmine Magazine and discovered a vendor selling a new Canadian import 2-for-1 CD.  In addition to this album, you get West's 1970 album "The Fabulous Mae West" that features 11 songs and was issued in conjunction with her appearance in the dreadful movie "Myra Breckinridge".

Best Buy's online site tells us that this was released on January 4, 2011.  Soooooo, I've taken the old share offline and sadly, I won't be posting the new remastered version.  

Do us a favor - read through my sharity list and see which titles jump out at you.  Which of these albums should be given the full remastered treatment?

Leave us a comment and let me know your choices...  who knows, I might be able to post something new!


The winner of  "Friday Weekend Fun" Giveaway/Linky party is
Creations by Kara!
Kara wins a Valentine's Cupcake and Frame!
From my Home to Yours!

Thank you to everyone!
I love and appreciate the Valentines Crafts,
Recipes and Crafty creations that were shared.
Check out the links HERE.
They are all equally wonderful!
This was my first linky party.
I appreciate you all!

kara linked this adorable felt flower for Valentines Crafts and Creations.
For a tutorial-visit Creations By Kara!
(Kara, please email your shipping information)
Thank you to everyone!

"Friends are fun!"
 Brought to you by my seven year old daughter.
I love the patterns/detail on the girl's dresses!
I so agree with her drawing. 
Friends give us warmth, sunshine, and smiles!
It's also great to look CUTE with your friends!
Who doesn't love polka dots, stars and hearts?
Speaking of hearts....I'm back with another
  Valentines apron(look familiar), one that matches
the reversible children's apron created from a kitchen dishtowel!

This one is created for my miracle daughter, my sweetheart, my friend,
who reminds me daily that
Life is Fragile.

I will share a few simple details on how to make it.

 For added length:  I added fabric to the dishtowel, which is your bodice front.
 1. Measure the desired length of your apron.
2. Measure the width of your dishtowel, cut bodice front accordingly.
(The width is 18 inches, the length of my bodice front is 12 inches.)
(My daughter is equal to a size 14/16 children's size)
If you want a larger apron you can add fabric to the sides of your dishtowel.

3.  Sew bodice front to dishtowel, right sides together.
4. For Reversible apron, lay apron on top of coordinating reverse fabric.
5. Cut your reverse side out, and set aside.

6. Make a band that slips easily over the heard from coordinating fabric
 (see directions for children's apron).
7. Pin your Rick Rack trim(optional) first to the right side of your bodice front.
8. Place band upside down on your apron front as shown.
9. Place reverse side of fabric on top, right sides together-- sew and press.

10. Your apron will look like the picture shown.
(If you want your rick rack on the front of the band, place it first, band second)
11. Make fabric ties for your apron
12.  Place Fabric ties between front and back of apron at the waist of apron or
where you are comfortable with your ties.
13.  Sew right sides together(front and back apron)
14. Leave a opening at the bottom of apron hem.
15. Turn hem under and sew.
 (The dishtowel shown was purchased with the eyelet trim.)

for featuring my Children's Reversible Valentine Apron!
It's not to late to enter the
Valentine Cupcake and Frame Drawing!
To ENTER:  Link a project HERE!
I heart all of you!
"Friends are fun!"

I love my boys, I treasure my boys, don't get me wrong.
One thing I've learned, my sewing room/craft room doesn't jive with my boys curiosity!

The sewing machine has a motor, that's intriguing!
 My glue gun works great on RC car repairs.
I always buy "PINK" sewing and crafting tools
 thinking that will distract their desires.
Not a chance, they don't care.
The gingher scissors work great everywhere!
Next, the rotary cutter, now that is an awesome tool to a teenage boy.
They like to test it out on my ribbon and fabric!
My gingher scissors, they should have those available in the Tool isle for men!
My boys think my ginger scissors work great for cutting wire, rope, 4-H projects,
you name it-nothing works like Mom's sewing scissors!

So, I hide the scissors, I hide them from myself!
I don't get into their tools, why do they get into mine?
Just curious, does this happen at your house?
 I found my ginger scissors on the driveway! 
The glue gun was in my sons room.
I need a lock and a sign!
Boys keep life exciting!
What would I do without them?

PS. Don't forget to link up your projects, you know, the ones you've used with
all of your fancy crafting tools!
See post below!
A Happy Valentines Prize is coming your way!