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This was a from a lot of Christmas records I purchased from a Canadian dealer off eBay earlier this year.

According to the online Encyclopedia of Music In Canada, Mickey and Bunny were a married couple who enjoyed surprising success throughout Canada with their mix of Ukranian, German, and Polish songs, dances, and original compositions.

They released a series of albums on Winnipeg's V-Records, occasionally teaming up with D-Drifters-5, an instrumental group that gained notoriety with their album of Beatle covers in Ukrainian style (oh, to find that album!)

This 1965 album finds Mickey & Bunny singing their favorite Christmas carols in English and Ukrainian and it took forever typing out the titles in the MP3 tags. I felt like John Lennon at the end of "Helter Skelter" - "I've got blisters on me fingers!"

Mickey & Bunny - Sing English Xmas Carols in Ukrainian

Mickey & Bunny had several albums to their name before splitting up in 1970. Mickey pursued a solo career. This is where the trail ends (insert your own joke here).

Happy listening...