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This album has been bandied about on eBay many times in the past but when a copy found its way to my local thrift store, I picked it up.

Glad I did. These are two different U.S. Navy Christmas shows hosted by Danny Thomas. We get to hear varied naval base bands such as the Port Authority of the U.S. Navy Band, the U.S. Naval Academy Glee Club, and The Dixieland Group of the U.S. Navy Band playing their favorite Christmas tunes in many different styles.

The year was 1973 and the draft had officially ended. The Navy was in the midst of becoming an all-volunteer Navy and were actively looking for new recruits. Inbetween the songs, Danny reminds you to check out your local recruiter to "be all that you can be".

I used one of the tracks on my annual Christmas CD - there's something for everyone on this album. I think you're gonna like this one!

Christmas Greetings (U.S. Navy)

Happy listening...