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Christmas Tea Towels!
Welcome Back to.....
We are nearing the end of our Twelve Days!
What are we going to do after that??
More Christmas Inspiration-
I can hardly wait!

 Christmas Creations from a Tea Towel:
Aprons, stockings and pillows,
A Chrildren's Christmas Table
Come along my Christmas Friends!
I appreciate you all!
Thank you for following along!
First up...
What started as a Tea Towel ended up into a reversible apron!
I actually found the Tea Towels at Kohls a few years ago.
I LOVE to shop after Christmas Sales for the Following Christmas!
What I love about making these aprons...
Super Easy--Super Fast!
I added a black and white fabric tie that goes completely
around the waist and ties in the front and coordinayes with both sides.
I make all of my aprons reversible, so I added a
year round fabric on the reverse side!

If you can sew a straight line, you can make this!
Place right sides together, sew completely around apron,
be sure to have ties in the middle of your fabrics,
leave a opening for turning!
My favorite side is the polka dot apples!

Next up:
A Christmas Pillow made from the same Tea towel pattern!
I think these would be great on a Christmas Bed-
decked out in black and red!

There are so many cute Tea Towels to choose from!
I see them everywhere!
I LOVE the embroidery "Merry Christmas" and the  pom pom trim!

I added Candy Cane Christmas Fabric to
this colorful tea towel.
Just having a little FUN!
(Tea towels were found at Michaels Craft Store).

"Create" Gift Idea for quilters and sewing friends!
Christmas fat Quarters, Christmas Santa Pattern, Sewing Tools and Pin Cushion!
Add a Tea Towel Apron!

Today, we're back in the Dining Room..
Decking The little Halls of Home with JOY!
Every child loves a table they can call their own...
A table just their size with all the trimmings and
cuteness of the Big Dining Roon Table!
My little daughter was so excited to find her Table
decked in Christams dishes with Candy Canes and
a favorite little mouse!

Come back and visit tomorrow!
Holiday Cookies and
 Holiday Wreaths are coming up!
On the Eleventh Day Of Christmas,
Santa Mouse brings to you,
freshly baked Christmas Cookies,
from my kitchen to yours with glee!

Christmas Tea Towel Stockings-Woman's Day
Apple Apron Fabric by-Michael Miller