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Welcome back to more "Sweet Treats" from the Dining Room!
Twelve Days of Candy Cane Christmas Countdown
is here!
Twelve Candy Canes and Two Christmas Mice greet you
with Christmas Cheer!

What do you do with the Candy Canes?
Candy Canes have note tags attached,
 along with Christmas Ribbons and Trims!

Do The Twelve Days of Christmas for someone anonymously!
With each gift, attach the candy canes with a note.
The recipient can hang the Candy Canes on their Christmas Tree, or
Deck the Halls of HOME with JOY!

Another idea....make 24 Christmas Candy Canes and
Countdown To Christmas!
Hang your candy canes on Christmas garland, or  Christmas wreaths.
Write notes or acts of service for your kids as they are counting down to Christmas!
Number your candy canes with 24 tags!

You may want to laminate the tags to use year after year!

The "Sweet Treats" Table Runner was made by
Grandma from Christmas last year!
It's perfect for my candy cane theme, which I started last year!
Here are a few treats to enjoy!

I filled glass bottles and jars that I had on hand
with non-edible treats and a little bit of Candy Canes and
Hershey Chocolate Kisses!

Here are the simple steps to making
Countdown to Christmas Candy Canes!
The Candy Canes may look familiar to you, they are
in the Christmas aisle at Walmart!
The Ribbon, stickers, and tags are all easy to find and
something you probably have on hand!

Glue the end of the ribbon and start rolling the ribbon around the candy cane.
I think the polka dot gross grain ribbon works the best and looks the best.
A great FAMILY project or a craft to do with your daughters!
Hang your Candy Canes, get ready to
I have put my Candy Canes in glass jars.
They will be shipping off  to Virginia!
We will be writing notes on the tags.
I couldn't resist showing you more
Christmas Swiss Rolls!
They are great to dispaly with a "Sweet Treat" theme, 0 calories
 and easy to make!
You can see the directions from a previous post
found HERE.

PS. I can't leave the edible candy out...
The Chocolate Kisses are hiding away, too much temptation
for everyone that lives here! :)

Here is a idea for a Neighbor/ Friend /Teacher Gift.
 "Tis The Season to eat CHOCOLATE"!
 Make a simple bag, similar to the Halloween bags found HERE
Fill a canning jar with treats, hot cocoa, the list goes on! 
I filled my jar with
Hershey Kisses and Candy Canes!

Slip your treats into the bag with a
Christmas Swiss Roll!

On the 5th day of Christmas
 Santa Mouse brings to you..
A jar of Candy Kisses
to sit on your Christmas Dishes!
 Make Christmas Wishes
if you choose!
Santa Mouse
"The Seventh Day Of Christmas" will return on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Next week, I will highlight more 
Gifts to make for Family, Friends and Loved ones!
Thanks for visiting!