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I love This Teepee, especially after this summer when my two youngest kids stayed at my sisters house and slept in her Teepee that she had for her kids when they were little! They thought it was super cool!
I see this Teepee in the Christmas Pottery Barn catalog for $199.00! It's not even as big as my sisters Teepee! I don't think I would pay this, but maybe if I've made it, I would think its worth every penny! My sewing coach (sister) thinks this is HIGH! So, I think I'm going to attempt to make it! My sister made it from 60" wide fabric (heavy fabrics are best). You can get 6' 1X1 poles from Lowes! I think I'm going to use wood closet rod! Walmart has great fabrics that would work! My pattern that I have is very brief, so I think I will be on the phone with my sister trying to figure it all out. I am happy to share it with you, if you would like to make it!
"Deck me later"!