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A Fun Traditin that are family is going to start this year! Each year I pick a new Christmas book for our family to read or one that my children would like to read! This is the book I have chosen for this year!
“The Night Before Thanksgiving . . . The Legend of the Christmas Elves”, by Phyllis Porter Turner, is an imaginative, enchanting story written for the joy of children, and to set the stage for a most unique Classic Family Christmas tradition, serving as the official “KICK OFF” of the Christmas season!
Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who’s been good or bad? What about his list of good girls and boys? How does he REALLY know which names to put on this list? Well, it’s because of the “Elves Around The World“, of course! They have the pleasurable job of entertaining the children, playing hide and seek, watching for good behavior and reporting back to Santa every day! It is amazing to see what good behavior develops due to the presence of the elves! ha ha .

Our Christmas holiday season truly begins on Thanksgiving Eve when we read "The Night Before Thanksgiving . . . The Legend of the Christmas Elves," and wait for OUR elves: Mr. Snoops, Mr. Jingles and Mr. Peeps, to come from the North Pole to spend the holidays with us.

You can learn more about this fun family traditin from-- Elves Around The World.com/tradition.htm