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Oh, I love Christmas surprises! The best part of Christmas is Giving! Here is one that was enjoyable for me! Last year, I made all of my kids a quilt for Christmas! I started in January of last year! I knew I had to start early, in order to make six! I was excited about it all year long! I've always wanted to make my kids a quilt that portrays their personality and shares my love for them. I also wanted this year to be a Christmas of LESS "high-tech" gadgets! My son was a senior this year in High School, I wanted a memorable and more spiritual Christmas! My goal was to have these quilts finished by September, so I could have them quilted in time for Christmas! Mission Accomplished! The hard part was keeping it all a secret and being able to sew without them knowing what I was up to! The quilts were a labor of love and I kept singing It's beginning to "feel" a lot like Christmas all year long! Here are the quilts I made!
Brandi's quilt matches her bedroom and is all about the colors that Brandi loves!
Brandon's quilt is all about Football and his favorite Cibola School colors!
Brady's quilt is a "cowboy-up" theme, since he has been doing a Steer for the past couple of years. He lost a toenail last year with his Steer! He's learned to have a lot of courage!
Brett is our snow skier! He picked it up very fast! He likes to race his Dad down the mountain! He is tough and never cold! He does well in the cold weather!
Blake loves riding ATVs! He loves going to the Sand Dunes!
Little Miss Brianna! Her quilt is about "learning", she loves to color and draw pictures and loved Preschool with Brie and Rebecca last year!
She also loves pink and bright colors! Her fabrics are filled with ABC's!

My kids pack their quilts around the house and on trips! I can now say, I've made all my kids a quilt!