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Welcome to Show and Tell Thursday!
Today, I'm sharing a Sleep-Over "Tag-along" Quilt, one my daughter loves and I do too!
Great for on the Go!
Quilt pattern is by Seams & Dreams
I purchased my pattern at Elaine's Quilt Block
Fabric by:  Me and My Sister Designs/ Butter Fly Fling Panel
Quilt is professionally quilted by Annie Moore Creations.

The Sleep-Over Quilt is a fold-away quilt with handles and
two large pockets for Jammie's, books, bears and
all the treasures that must go on the road.

In the front pocket, you will see a small doll/teddy bear quilt and pillow to match.
(I made the little quilt and pillow to match from my scraps.)
The small quilt is 18 X 22 with a detached pillow

I must say, it's a fun quilt to carry around!
Great for Grandma's house!
I actually made the quilt for my etsy shop, my daughter won me over.
It now belongs to my little daughter.
The quilt is simple to make.
I made my quilt by using a quilt panel and adding 8 inch borders around the quilt.
The large pockets and handle is what I love about the pattern.
When the quilt is quilted, the butterfly panel looks like a pieced quilt.

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