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Welcome Friends!  Welcome Monday!
The Cupcakes are back with a little more frills and thrills!

What is NEW with the cupcakes?
I added fabric flowers and green leaves to the cupcake tops.
I think I'm addicted to cupcakes, I would like to cook up a dozen more!
You can find my cupcakes HERE!
My little daughters love them as much as I do.

I'm also excited to show you the darling
Table Runners I received for Christmas from our loivng and talented Grandmother. 
 I received one for every season!
I love every single one, they are delightful and exceptionally cute!
If you would like to make a table runner, you can find a tutorial  here at:
My sister showed me how to make these Table Runners last year/January 2010.
They are super fast and can be made in 20 minutes!
The cupcake table runner is one of my favorites!
I will show you more throughout the year.

The Table Runners, Cupcakes and "Sweet Heart" are a welcome addition to
A Happy Valentines!

Have a Marvelous Monday!
Thanks for visiting!