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"Friends are fun!"
 Brought to you by my seven year old daughter.
I love the patterns/detail on the girl's dresses!
I so agree with her drawing. 
Friends give us warmth, sunshine, and smiles!
It's also great to look CUTE with your friends!
Who doesn't love polka dots, stars and hearts?
Speaking of hearts....I'm back with another
  Valentines apron(look familiar), one that matches
the reversible children's apron created from a kitchen dishtowel!

This one is created for my miracle daughter, my sweetheart, my friend,
who reminds me daily that
Life is Fragile.

I will share a few simple details on how to make it.

 For added length:  I added fabric to the dishtowel, which is your bodice front.
 1. Measure the desired length of your apron.
2. Measure the width of your dishtowel, cut bodice front accordingly.
(The width is 18 inches, the length of my bodice front is 12 inches.)
(My daughter is equal to a size 14/16 children's size)
If you want a larger apron you can add fabric to the sides of your dishtowel.

3.  Sew bodice front to dishtowel, right sides together.
4. For Reversible apron, lay apron on top of coordinating reverse fabric.
5. Cut your reverse side out, and set aside.

6. Make a band that slips easily over the heard from coordinating fabric
 (see directions for children's apron).
7. Pin your Rick Rack trim(optional) first to the right side of your bodice front.
8. Place band upside down on your apron front as shown.
9. Place reverse side of fabric on top, right sides together-- sew and press.

10. Your apron will look like the picture shown.
(If you want your rick rack on the front of the band, place it first, band second)
11. Make fabric ties for your apron
12.  Place Fabric ties between front and back of apron at the waist of apron or
where you are comfortable with your ties.
13.  Sew right sides together(front and back apron)
14. Leave a opening at the bottom of apron hem.
15. Turn hem under and sew.
 (The dishtowel shown was purchased with the eyelet trim.)

for featuring my Children's Reversible Valentine Apron!
It's not to late to enter the
Valentine Cupcake and Frame Drawing!
To ENTER:  Link a project HERE!
I heart all of you!
"Friends are fun!"