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Today is a beautiful day! The high is expected to be 83 degrees!
The Warm Sunshine does wonders for the soul!
Along with Sunshine, I'm back with creative ideas to share for a Happy Valentines!
I will be sharing more ideas through out the week.
Thanks for visiting the Paper Doll Quilt.

This is one of my favorites and so simple to make.
Pink envelope.....think McDonald's
 French Fries....think pencils!
Teachers love it, kids love it!
Add other items such as:  pixie sticks, chocolate pretzel sticks, heart lollipops,
the list goes on.

I simply made a template of my McDonalds sleeve,
I covered both sides with scrapbook paper, add a styrofoam shape inside your sleeve to secure
the pencils and other treats,  a paper doiley can also be added,
embellish with ribbon, picks etc.

** pencils(Michaels Craft Store),
candy lollipops,  pixie sticks, heart toothpicks and cupcake liners(Dollar Store)
The ideas are endless with how you can embellish and decorate your
McDonald's French Fries Sleeve.

Have a beautiful day!
There is Sunshine In My Soul Today!