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wassup. i'm just going to continue writing in this mofo until i get bored of it. yup. some really lovely people have signed my guestbook. elissa has a very perdy page and i like her writing quite a bit. april nicole has awesome design, and a marvelous perspective. visit them both or be subject to pain. purrrr. my feet are cold. i wrote out a cd list today, and its just so godawfully pathetic i don't even want to bother posting it. maybe after i get a job i'll reassess my cd situation. i don't know. i tend to get fixated on cds and find no use in buying new ones. so i was sitting there reading song interpretations at greenplastic.com, and i came upon this quote:

"i will say this- in it's own terrifying, mesmerizing way, " climbing up the walls" is the sexiest song ever. period.". i seriously can't believe someone actually said that. i mean, yea its true.. but i certainly could never have said it. balls i tell you. balls. i don't know. i'm perfectly fine with talking about Kid A/Radiohead. i'm not bored of it yet.. maybe i'll get over this radiohead fixation, maybe i won't. i don't care. i'm gonna get me that bear tattooed on my lower back when i turn 18. booyah. yea. im sure i'll write more in about 15 minutes.