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still not having fun trying to make this blog appear on my page, in the specified location, or in any location for that matter. so today, i'm going to take money from my radiohead pants fund and go down to my mothers office on the UCSD campus andhelping one of her friends upload a page. see, my mother is in this HTML class right now. and i think she tried to buy zoloftian.com, but it didn't work. and speaking of, i'm supposed to help my aunt build a webpage for her husbands band. she wants me to send her URLs for places that have good deals on domains.. but i keep forgetting her e-mail address. so its been 10 days with this layout, and i should change it, in accordance with my new-layout-every-ten-days law, but i don't want to make another radiohead layout at this point.. so i'll do this.. i'll wait until i get my pictures developed and then scan the ones that'd make good layouts. until then... you'll have to suffer with this layout. boohoo.