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So, i'm sitting here bored out fo my mind watching the Miss America pagant, and they had this group of five young males singing (i suppose thats what i have to call it, since it was musical notes coming from their mouths, but as for melody or harmony, thats a different story entirely). i believe the name of this young-female-geared popular music act was O-Town, if i'm not mistaken. The song they were "singing" was called My Liquid Dreams. The lyrics to the chorus go as follows, if my memory doesn't fail me: "i want a girl like All Saints, throw in a touch of Madonna's wild style, Janet Jacksons smile, with a body like Jennifer, and thats the star of my Liquid Dreams". I'm probably mistaken on some of the lyrics, but you get my point (i simply have to note that this show was hosted by none other than Donnie & Marie Osmond). (BARE WITH ME. THIS SOUNDS BAD FOR A FEW MOMENTS) Now, couple this with watching a Miss America Pagant, and i get a rather clear message about the ideals of beauty in this society. This doesn't really effect me personally, because I don't nessisarily care to be part of any of the members of O-Town's "Liquid Dreams" (i really love boys who have good singing voices. yum.), nor do i want my beauty to represent my country, especially since i have a rather large gap in my two front teeth, (thats not part of the american standards of beauty, i've noticed) and it'd look funny if i smiled. This doesn't piss me off, or throw me head first into my Grrrrl mode (that may be amusing, though), but it is sad that our scope of beauty in this country is so narrow. But then I point out to myself, that if every woman were accepted as beautiful for what she is, and every woman were their own definition of beauty, then what does that mean? Beauty isn't 'special' anymore. Beauty isn't revered as a Given Gift, or even a Plastic Surgion Given Gift. If beauty were as prevelant to everyone else as it is to me, then it would mean very little to most people. See, how most people see God/Spirituality is often how they also see Beauty. Something you have to work yourself to the point of exaustion to attain, something to be worshipped, something to be strived for. If people saw God as all-encompassing as it is, (everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time), then what would they have to work towards? Who would they have to appease other than themselves? If people saw Beauty as it actually is (everyone, everything, everywhere, all the time), then again, it would be nothing to work towards. I have a friend who is always talking about body issues, and physical things that will go away when she gets old. Shes always telling me her messurements, as though it makes her beautiful to have small messurements. And she doesn't like it, she doesn't understand it when i tell her thats none of my business, and that I honestly couldn't give a damned if I tried, because, also as Beauty, God is where you invest your faith in. If you believe Beauty to be 34, 24, 34C messurements, then thats what it is. If you believe God is an old white man on a cloud, then thats God. But the thing I do object to is forcing your beliefs onto other people. Once again, God and Beauty have their parrellels. Every magazine I open I see a completely unattainable ideal of Beauty, and on some of my lower occasions it can really be a burden to me that I could never be a model. I know countless humans who see these ideals and do their best to be Beautiful by that standard. Much is the case with orginised religion. People see this, or have it forced upon them that The Old White Man on the Cloud is God. And so they have to follow these rules and these codes to be at that level. So in the end it goes as this. God and Beauty run parrellel to one another. Beauty is an orginised religion, when, like God, its completely what you believe it is.

or i'm full of shit.