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alright, so today jeremy comes and picks me up to go shopping for xaviers birthday gift, and so we go to the wherehouse. no luck. then we went to the local used record store. no luck. we stopped by mcdonalds and picked up apple pies and drove to another part of town blaring Lit jokingly and eating apple pies. we go to another wherehouse. no luck their either. but i did get to watch some radiohead blips there. which was nice. so then we go to the Tower, and we find it.. we head over to Xaviers house and we end up eating pizza, and listening to techno with a strobe-lite on.. it was fairly amusing. So i come home and on icq i have a message from Mac "Missed you again so I thought I would message you to say so = (. Hope to see you soon.". which was oddly reassuring... so i'm working on a new layout, hopefully it'll be interesting and fun and whatnot, but it'll probably be like all the others. you'll see soon enough i suppose.