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i have a bone to pick. so i was surfing around doing my usual daily routine of surfing the net of teen webpages with exceptional design, and i discovered something i hate more than goth pages with halfassed design (you know who you are)... and no it isn't the ability to make my mouse into a cross-hair in css.. its these fucking Boyfriend/Girlfriend/I'm in love with cliques and webrings. i mean, being in love and being happy about it is one thing, but do you seriously have to catigorise your page by being in love? now, i haven't been in a relationship for a good 11 months, and even then i wasn't in love. now maybe i'm missing the point. maybe being in love is so super-spectacular that you just HAVE to join a bunch of rings and put a bunch of codes on your page. i somehow doubt this. you were bound to fall in love someday, people. i don't know. maybe its hard for some people to find love or they feel like they never would have and then they did... but i never thought i'd find satisfaction with myself and my life, but i don't feel the need to catigorise myself by how i feel about myself. so why should someone need to catigorise themselves by what someone else feels for them? or i suppose if i don't want to be involved in that sorta catigorisation, i should just ignore it.. perhaps some people need to have some definition of themselves as "in love" or other manner of webrings out there.. but lord this one annoys me. flame me if you want, but make it educated. don't waste my time.