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Hello Friday!  Hello Friends!
I hope you are all doing great!
Are you working on projects for the Holidays?
I've been working on Christmas Cupcake Pin Cushions.
The zero calorie kind.

If  you have my PDF Cupcake Pincushion Pattern, you may understand a little more
about what this is all about.
If you don't, that is fine too, I hope you feel inspired.
Here are just a few ideas to CREATE a Cupcake Pincushion for CHRISTMAS GIFTS.

I will have more cucake pincushions available in my etsy shop soon!
I will ship your cupcake pin cushion in a "HO HO" Bakery Box.
Cupcake Pin Cushions are made with strawberry, cherry and polka dot fabrics.
The fabrics are versatile for year round.
 Each Christmas Cupcake comes with a apple green and white polka dot ramekin dish.
(my favorite part)

I'm also working on more cupcake bags!
If you would like to make this bag, a PDF pattern is available in my etsy shop.
Cupcakes are also fun for little Girls!
I think I have a weakness for cupcakes!

                                    Have a "sweet" day!
                                     Thanks for visiting!