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Hello Friends!
More Back To School fun stuff to share!

A favorite Dr. Seuss book, loved by many!
(I Found the idea Here:  Pinterest-I added a few more ideas to it)
Throughout the years of your childs education,
 secretly give your child's teacher this book to sign
at the end of each school year. 
Present this gift/book to your son/daughter on
Graduation Day(Senior Year) from High School!

I'm going to include
 a picture of my child's first day of Kindergarten, along with  pictures of their teachers throughout the years. 
If you have missed a few years, it's never to late! 
I'm back tracking a few years for my youngest one!

I love this gift idea for the TEACHER on The First Day Of School!

1.  I love the cake.... I found it on pinterest!
Maybe, I will attempt one, wish me luck.
2.  Great picture idea for the first day of school.

I'm still working on Back To School Fairy Surprises.
How about you??
(Scroll down and you will find it.)