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 NO SEW Jewelry Rosette Fabric Necklace.
(I'm re posting this post again.) 
It all started as a Birthday present for a special violin teacher.
I was simply making rosette flowers to add to a beaded necklace.
My inspiration grew to a fabric necklace to complement the beaded necklace.
Here are a few NEW ideas!

I see the fabric rosette necklaces at clothing boutiques everywhere.
You can make them and save yourself a lot of money!
The color choices of fabrics and embellishments are endless!

1.  choose a necklace that is fairly long with double chains.
I had the pins and jewels on hand, there are so many different options with jewelry.

2. Make a fabric rosette flower to complement your beaded necklace.
Here is what I did:
I cut my fabric length to approx. 4" X 15".  I pressed a rolled hem and started rolling
the fabric, the trick is to turn the fabric as you twist. 
Glue your fabric into place with a glue gun or tack it with a needle and thread. 
I added jewels in the center of the rosette flower and pins to the back.
I made three flowers and pinned the rolled flower to my rolled scarf tied with knots.
(I made a knot every 3-4 inches)
I love to make belts from rayon fabrics, they are also great with blue jeans.
Happy Birthday Dear Friend!
(The red Vintage sweater belonged to my Mother)