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During our road trip this past weekend, we listened to the local radio stations as we drove, trying to find some Christmas music.

Outside of Columbus, we found a station and we listened merrily along the way until the voice of John Tesh came on, announcing the next song was by Kenny G!

When that failed, we moved to backup plan B.

Several years ago at an unknown gas station along our trip route, I filled the gas tank and watched the strapped in kidlets in the van while my wife went inside to get snacks and pay for everything.

While at the counter, she noticed a cassette rack that had inexpensive tapes that you could listen to on your trips. She then noticed a $2.99 tape that read "Santa's Top 10 Favorites" and added it to the pile.

That cassette has remained in our minivan to this day. When we hit the road every Christmas for family gatherings or over the river and thru the woods to Grandma's house, if we can't find Christmas music on the dial, we turn to this tape.

On this very tape was a version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas" by Pat Boone. Believe me, it only sounds deadly.

I found this copy of his 1959 Christmas album at a local Goodwill store earlier this year. The record was in fine shape, the cover was completely worthless - if I had a nickel for every coffee mug watermark on the back cover, I'd be rich! So I went to eBay - the mecca of all collectors - and found another copy for $6.

The back cover states there are fourteen songs but on both albums there are fifteen tracks! "Here Comes Santa Claus" was either a last minute throw-in or someone at the labelling plant forgot to read the label.

Hear for yourself:

Pat Boone - White Christmas

Happy listening...