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If you're getting bored with Christmas (or already are), here are five places to visit on the web that might shake you up out of the Christmas doldrums:

1.) Jeffco Christmas

My Canadian brother Jeff has had albums and podcasts for your listening pleasure all month. If that's not enough, he has just posted his annual Christmas compilation "Christmas Turkeys 10" - a veritable feast of Christmas music that will make you smile, laugh, vomit, have convulsions, whatever. Still not convinced? Jeff's posted some of your favorite Christmas songs sung by the cast of "The Facts of Life"!

2.) FaLaLaLaLa.com

This has been the place to be at Christmas for three years running. It's the final weekend over at the King Of Jingaling's palace. There's going to be some incredible surprises in store. Other like minded Christmas music people will be gathering to bask in the glow of Christmas memories via music. If you can't find something to read, laugh at, listen to, and offer yourself in their easy to navigate forums, then check your pulse.

3.) Ernie (Not Bert)

Ernie doesn't sleep. Seriously. This guy has been burning the midnight oil, the drapes, the furniture, and has presented almost 200 Christmas albums this year! To make matters better, the albums Ernie's sharing aren't the low quality titles I've been offering... he's got some of the best Christmas music on the web! Get over to Ernie's place, browse around, and be sure to check out the outstanding photos Ernie takes as well!

4.) Queer Music Heritage

JD Doyle is at it again... He's just posted THREE complete Christmas radio shows - all new for 2006! Add these three shows to the TWELVE he's got archived at his web site and that's... carry the one... well, that's A LOT of Christmas shows! JD compiles Christmas music from gay and lesbian artists and presents them with in-depth interviews and vintage sound clips. Take a listen and tell Doyle the Captain sent you!

5.) Scott Marks podcast

Scott Marks has held many titles: film school professor (I took two of his courses), movie revival house manager, film critic and curator. He now lives in San Diego and has a regular gig on "Film Club Of The Air" on KPBS 97.7 FM. He recently went into the studio to record a podcast on two of his favorite holiday movies. For more info and to stream the podcast, click on the link above. To download the podcast, click here.

Happy surfing...