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The day I have been dreading has come...

We can't put it off anymore... Today I begin hauling the 14 giant Rubbermaid boxes of Christmas decorations and our 6-ft Christmas artificial tree and deck the halls with boughs of holly - FaLaLaLaLa, la la la la (what an original plug. Zzzzz).

Today is the first Sunday that was free and clear for the entire family to be in one place.

Lately, it's been a blur of Christmas school plays and parties, trips to the shopping mall to find presents, organizing Christmas get togethers for families and friends, shovelling snow all day Friday, and trying to find time inbetween all of this for my ramblings here at the yuleblog.

In the meantime, here's an album that you're either going to love or hate. It's an appropriate album for a Sunday since it was released on the Singspiration Steepletime label - formerly a division of Zondervan.

Beyond that, I have no clue about Mrs. Wilmos Csehy who plays the vibraharp or Georgina Bowen who plays the chimes. No information is given on which church they attended, where this was recorded, or what year this was released. I have Googled it every which way but Sunday and still fallen short.

This album has a great sound - I was excited to see the word vibraharp on a Christmas album cover. However, the pace they set is about one step slower than a leisurely walk of a turtle and it doesn't let up throughout the whole album. What sounds bright and fresh at the beginning sounds and feels like a funeral march at the end - my whole day in album form!

Don't say I didn't try and warn you:

Bowen & Csehy - Christmas Steepletime

Happy listening...