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Hello everyone!
As I've mentioned in previous posts, my boys are all playing FOOTBALL.
When I came across this FOOTBALL snack, I couldn't resist sharing it.
Here's for the rough and tough BOYS Of Fall---Cheer them on!

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This football sandwich and apple helmet were made using dark german wheat bread, turkey, provolone cheese, 1 apple, Twizzler strings, and strawberry cream cheese.
We cut 2 pieces of bread into football shapes. Cut the turkey and cheese to fit and put on the inside. Cut the stripes and laces out of the cheese scraps and add on top of the football. Tilt the apple just a bit and cut off a small piece from the bottom so the apple will stay on the plate. Cut out part of the apple to resemble a helmet. Take a toothpick and poke 3 holes down each side of the cut out part of the apple. Pull off a few Twizzler strips and pinch off 3 pieces to go across that helmet. Pinch off 2 smaller pieces to go down the front of face mask. Poke the longer pieces into the holes...they will pop right in. We glued our shorter pieces on with strawberry cream cheese, but you could use regular, peanut butter, or whatever!

This week is all about FUN WITH FOODS for FALL!