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Hello Spring!
Don't you just love the colors of Spring?
The colors are so refreshing, soothing and calm.

While I was taking pictures of my Arizona flowers, something I love to do every spring.
I felt so inspired! I hope you feel inspired as well.

(Inspiration and above photos from Country Living.).
I decided to create some spring arrangements with my outdoor spring flowers.
I added the flowers to an existing green floral vase that I use for all seasons.
(Photos: Deck The Halls of Home with JOY).

As I was working on projects, my little daughter was enjoying her projects.
She invited a few of her favorite friends.
I couldn't resist showing her pictures, so much cuter then anything I could create.
My daughter asked me to join her little tea party.
I decided to join in on all the fun!
My projects can wait.

Family....a journey to forever.
So True!
Thanks for visiting.