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Spring is here and it is so beautiful!
Arizona's winter temperatures is what I love about where I live.

The warmth and beauty of warm spring days feel so good!
If you are cold where you are, don't be sad. 
When you are having Spring, we are having Summer(hot, hot, hot).
We are Seasons In The Sun.

Yesterday, my son picked several Oranges and Lemmons from our trees
 and brought them into the house. He washed them and set them out on a towel.
It made me happy to watch him. He will be able to eat fruit, if he doens't know how to cook.
I'm enjoying the Lemons with a tall glass of Pepsi, you thought I
was going to say WATER!
Water doesn't give you five more hours of energy! ha ha
Water gives you so much more, I should tell myself that!

I love spring, who doesn't?
There is beauty all around us.
Find it where ever you are.

Come back for Spring Table Settings!
Enjoy your day where ever you are.

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