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Welcome Friends!
Today at Sew A Little Happiness, my sister shares a quilt that I've admired for many years. A quilt that shares a lot of meaning to my Sister and Mother.  I can't show it to you, you must go see it for yourself.
There is something spectacular about Handmade Family Quilts, especially quilts that are handed down from one generation to another. There is more then just a quilt being handed down, there is a story, something to learn, a spirit of giving, and something to carry forward to another generation.

I will share with you a "Fun and Done" quilt that was handmade
 and given to me by my sister Annette. I cherish and love it!
(You may remember this quilt from last Fall when I was displaying my pumpkins.)

I was so excited to receive this beautiful quilt for Christmas!
 Sew A little Happiness....
Handmade quilts are from the heart.

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Come along my friends!