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My daughters and I have been making candy bar snowman! The ideas are endless! I have used socks, fuzzy socks, gloves for the hat and fleece or fabric for the scarf! Our favorite is the snowman with gloves. I stuffed the second glove inside the glove(hat). You can embellish with bells, buttons, ribbon, garland etc.
You can download the pattern and find a lot of cute ideas HERE. My Young Women girls made darling snowman candy bars! Each snowman took on its own personality. The girls were so cute! This was a great YW project that is finished within 30 minutes and can easily be given to anyone! Great project for kids!
I am giving my treats in a rice box, similar to this box. You can make this cute box for your snowman candy bars! You can find the directions HERE from Blue Cricket Design! A fun neighbor, teacher, and friends gift and more!

Enjoy! I hope you are all staying WARM!
(Re-posted from December 2009)