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Last year, we celebrated our youngest daughter's Birthday at Disneyland!
We all enjoyed the Fall atmosphere and  
I could go every year in the month of October!
We had so much FUN!
The Disney Parade, Fireworks
and Disney Characters dressed up
in Halloween attire was a super TREAT!

Speaking of TREATS.......
When you loose a little black shoe on the log ride
and it's your Brithday, welcome NEW
Minnie Mouse Shoes and Polka Dot Socks!
My boys were rolling their eyes and thinking more shoes??!!!
I was thinking, maybe I should loose a shoe!
I made my daughter a Minnie Mouse 
Reversible Twirly Skirt
with a matching side bag!
 It all worked GREAT for Disneyland!
I must say........
The joy of having a little girl after FOUR boys is

Halloween Twirly Skirts available in my ETSY SHOP
For A Limited Time!

I'm missing Disneyland and I'm wanting my daughter to stay SIX!

Minnie Mouse and her October Attire!
(Picture taken before the log ride!)
Black shoes with white and Purple beaded socks
We love purple!
What a magical time! 

(Mary Engelbrite Fabric on the reverse side)

Besides the Fall/Halloween Festivities-
I think the best part of the day for me,
 was seeing my boys carry a tired
little sister around the park, after a full Disney Day!

She remains the Princess and in charge!
Thank goodness for brothers that LOVE her--
Who needs a stroller?!
Happy Fall!