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Welcome Family and Friends!

My talented sister in law, who knits the most
brought Country Sampler to my door!
She had me close my eyes, and to my surprise, I opened my eyes...
"Deck The Halls" was on the front cover!
No, it's not me, or my blog, but hey--I was equally excited to see the issue!
It only took a few pictures, and I was excited to
 Deck The Halls!
I want to start decorating my Tree!

Twas The Months Before Christmas....
Believe in the magic!

What new Christmas projects are you working on?

I LOVE this little black chair!
This is one project that I am working on!
Inspiration from Create & Decorate
Another project.....
Every HOME needs a mistletoe!
Share the Love!
My Mother hung a mistletoe by the door in our home,
it was quite comical through the dating years! 
More Christmas gift ideas coming soon!
(Hint-It involves chocolate!)
Deck The Halls of HOME with JOY!
Come back and visit soon!

Hug your family!