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Okay, I joined this blog last year to contribute some Japanese Christmas music, so I feel it's my duty to post some this year too.
Not that I mind :)

Here are five whispery songs about snow, to get into the seasonal spirit!

Piana - Snow Bird
Swing Slow - Yuki-ya-konko
Yoko Ono - Snow Is Falling All The Time
Kahimi Karie - Melt the Snow
Cinnamon Toast Crunch - Lord, It's Winter And Snowing Outside

(I'm not sure what yuki-ya-konko means... yuki is snow, so yuki-ya would be a snow-shop. It's a traditional children's song)

(I didn't think posting Yoko's song "Mum's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow" would help christmas spirits, but you can find it here)