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December 25th has finally arrived!

Thanks for taking time out of your holiday to visit us at the yuleblog - especially to all of our first time visitors who are looking in today!

Earlier this morning, I woke up, got dressed quickly, and ran quietly downstairs past the bedrooms of my kids. I wasn't heading to see if Santa came and left presents under the tree. I ran past the tree, past the fireplace where the stockings were hung and bulging with flair, and past the fridge (a major accomplishment for me in the AM).

I headed outdoors like a kid running to see what was under the Christmas tree. I braved the Christmas cold to retrieve my copy of the Journal-Gazette, the morning newspaper of my hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Emma Downs has been writing for the newspaper for several years. Last week, she called me about my annual Christmas CDs and my Christmas music obsession after receiving a copy of my annual Christmas CD.

A phone interview was arranged, I supplied several pictures from my music collection, and the story was published today - of all days! What a Christmas present!

The story takes up the entire front page of their features section! Here's the online link to the article:


As I sit here basking in the glow of my computer monitor and the Christmas tree lights, only three words can describe how I feel right now:


In case you were wondering - The shelves are divided in three sections:
The left section is my CD collection.
The middle section music is ALL my Christmas CDs.
The right section is my wife's CD collection
and knickknacks that will be evicted in the near future.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
to everyone reading,

Rob Martinez
aka CaptainOT