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This YouTube clip is from "The Dinah Shore Chevy Show" from 1958. Dinah begins with a beautiful song about Thanksgiving (around the 3:20 mark) and joins her special guest stars around a lovely Thanksgiving setting.

What makes this clip special is the fact her guest stars were all real-life spouses appearing on the same show: George Montgomery (then Mr. Dinah Shore), Louis Prima, Keely Smith, Edie Adams, and Ernie Kovacs - two husband and wife teams and some of my personal heroes.

After some appropriate solemnity, Dinah, George, Louis, Keely, Edie, and Ernie all join in for a spirited singing of "Dry Bones" over a turkey carcass.

Some time this Thanksgiving weekend, I will be answering the 50+ comments left here since I last visited this place, fixing some broken links (if any), and quite possibly posting an actual yuleblog entry (WOW).

Have fun eating, visiting with your loved ones, and travelling safely wherever you are.