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Dear readers of the yuleblog,

For the past few months, my somewhat usual schedule has been turned up, down, and every which way but Saturday. This can be attributed to a great number of reasons (stay-at-home dad duties, school activities with the kids, involved with several theater productions, travelling between Chicago and Cincinnati to watch the Cubs play great baseball) that has pulled my focus away from the computer.

In late March, I reached my peak and was posting two reviews a day. Since the beginning of April, my daily output here has trickled to an anemic one post a week.

How bad has it gotten? We've now reached mid-September - the month I usually have reserved to create and produce my annual Christmas CD for family and friends for the past nine years - and I'm two weeks behind in that regard as well.

I still have about 100+ albums that I downloaded last year that I haven't reviewed (or even burned and added to my permanent collection). I have approximately 40 Christmas albums that I had planned on sharing out for the 2007 holiday downloading season. To date, I have exactly three of them transferred.

It's been extremely frustrating and disappointing. The time I used to have to dedicate to my Christmas music obsession is no longer there in great quantity.

After careful consideration, I've come to a conclusion concerning the future of the yuleblog.

I'm not quitting the yuleblog. Not by a long shot.

I'm going to try my best with my ever changing daily schedule to sign on and post something here - a review, a link, maybe a brand new album post when I have them ready.

BTW, I have several of the albums I made available online last year available again. Check out my first, second, and third Christmas in July posts for the links.

Last year, I asked any and all Christmas music enthusiasts that create annual Christmas CDs to send me an extra copy. I'm still undecided whether or not if I will be asking this year - it all depends on how my winter schedule plays itself out. When I make a decision, I'll post it here.

A half hour ago, we hit midnight here in Fort Wayne. Today is my tenth wedding anniversary.

To celebrate, my wife and I are taking a trip to a place that neither of us have been to before - New York City. It's been nearly a full year since we've been away for some adult time away from the kids and we're looking forward to it.

Don't look for anything new here until October. If the Cubs get into the playoffs, we get extra baseball in October and being a die hard Cub fan, I'll gladly trade off the time!

This whole blog has been an immense labour of love and I've enjoyed all the joy, pain, sweat, and frustration involved putting it together.

I thank you for reading this far and continuing to visit us at the yuleblog.