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On October 18th, I posted a yuleblog entry that was written entirely in German because I had downloaded an album from my friend Jeff's website that was entirely in German!

I acquired this album from a relative of my wife who had an amazing assortment of Christmas music.

This album features a children's choir singing traditional carols in German backed by Will Glahe and His Orchestra. Glahe also gets his fair share of instrumentals as well.

Not much is known about Glahe. Google searches have pointed to a lot of his records across cyberspace as well as the usual sites that attach onto a musician's name and declare you can find "Will Glahe Ringtones" or "Will Glahe Lyrics".

How does one get lyrics off of instrumentals?

This album has tracks to accommodate anyone even if you're not feeling very Bavarian. Just to hear the kiddie chorus sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Deutsch is worth the price of admission alone... wait, there IS no admission!

This album was in excellent shape and was one of the more cleaner rips I had this year:

Will Glahe & His Orchestra - Christmas Greetings From Germany

Glückliches Hören... oops, I promised no German! Happy listening...