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Before I begin reviewing new additions to my Christmas CD collection, I want to reach into the mailbag to answer some comments and/or questions left for me here during my five week absence from the yuleblog desk.


Back on September 18, 2006, a blogger named Merry left a comment for me at this yuleblog entry:

"Many (very many) years ago I brought the Surprises from . . . Ralph Hunter Christmas album to school for use in a dance recital music selection process (after Mom told me not to). Short story - it was taken from my locker and I have been in a very big doghouse ever since, as it was the family favorite. How can I get a copy (any format)?"

Merry, I'm sorry your album was pinched. That would definitely be an album to have (can you hear the eBay gods a-calling?). At least the thief in question had good taste in Christmas music. My friend Ernie originally offered the album at his blog almost a year ago. He's a very good fellow so you could ask him for a copy. If not, see the new PO Box info below.


Back on September 23, 2006, a blogger named Sean Carter left a comment for me here:

"Loved the sight of these antique pieces. Hardly get any of those nowadays. Good luck on your Annual CD! Check out some cool stuffs at this amazing Christmas Blog"

Sean, the words in bold contained a link that didn't work for me. However, I checked out your profile which shows three blogs under your supervision: Halloween For All, Thanksgiving For All, and Christmas For All. Here I am with just one holiday blog, you own and maintain THREE holiday blogs! One day, I'll stop by to borrow a cup of holiday spirit when my supply runs low. Thanks for sending me the link!


Back on September 29, 2006, a blogger named Lowlights left a comment over at this place:

"Poor Eileen Barton passed away in 2006 - she was about 81 years old. A CD of her recordings just came out, on the Jasmine label. I got to interview her a couple of times in 2005 for the liner notes; she was a real hoot, and a lovely gal/woman."

Lowlights, thanks for the update! Eileen had an amazing voice and it was well featured on the "Merry Christmas From (Coral)" album. Looks like I'll have to add that Jasmine CD to my wish list.


The 2006 Christmas season is fast approaching. Before you know it, dozens (if not hundreds) of Christmas CDs will be flying around not only from just me but from everywhere.

In addition to this, I will be reviewing selected new releases of Christmas CDs over at FaLaLaLaLa.com this upcoming season. If someone decides to send FLLLL.com a promo copy of their new Christmas CD (and any FREE promos that the major record company reps that are reading this decide to send our way), I'll gladly review any and all takers.

With that in mind, I decided to rent some space from the US Government over at my local post office.

Feel free to send me:
  • Christmas CDs released for the 2006 holiday season
  • Christmas CDs in general
  • Annual homemade Christmas compilations (I'll devote a month to reviewing them all)
  • Christmas cards
  • Any Christmas Seals album or 45
  • Rare Christmas ads or vintage artwork
  • Your favorite Christmas samples (Simpsons Christmas sound bites, old Christmas radio jingles)

Here is the address:

A Christmas Yuleblog
P.O. Box 13207
Fort Wayne, IN 46867-3207

Any and all submissions will be handled with care. Special instructions will be followed to the letter.

On to the next new Christmas CD in my collection...