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A few months ago, our family visited the Nursery NICU at St. Joseph's Hospital where my
little miracle daughter was born in 1987.
Brandi, my sweet little baby girl,  weighed one pound, seven ounces. 
( She was born at 24 weeks gestational age)
Brandi spent six long months at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.
Today, she is as healthy and beautiful as can be! :)
My daughter has been working on preemie quilts.
I wanted to share her creations with you, in hopes you may be inspired to do the same.
 The quilts are greatly appreciated!
I will never forget the items that were shared with us when my little daughter was in NICU.
(You may remember my post about making preemie quilts)

Brandi made her little quilts with 4 inch flannel squares, her quilts are approximately 20" X 20".
We back them with flannel and sew a X through the middle of the quilts.
(NICU Nurseries prefer flannel with no batting or ties)
I can't describe the JOY it is to watch her put these quilts together and get them
ready to send off to the NICU.

Brandi has been sewing for several years now, as well as sewing with
her Grandmother one day a week.
I think she is most happy when she is sewing for someone else.
She sews beautifully!
My youngest daughter and I have been the recipient of
beautiful creations that she has made for us!

Here she is taking the long walk through the halls of St. Joseph's Hospital with her brothers by her side.
Brandi's brothers have little comprehension of her courageous journey.
Girls are fighters, Girls are strong!

When we arrived at St. Joseph's Hospital, the memories came flooding back of our time at
St. Joseph's NICU.
I will never forget our experience there.
I'm a forever changed person.
My priorities shifted, my thoughts became more clear of what truly is important in life.
Life is Fragile!
Everyday is a gift!

"Some people come into our lives and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same."