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The Seasons of Fall brings crafting adventures! I was inspired to create some Halloween Twigs!
So,  I was on a hunt forTWIGS!  
 A long story short, I found some at my neighbors house. Perfect size, Perfect Height, Perfect in every way! 
 These beautiful twigs were waiting for the garbage! My 10 year old son helped me haul them home.  My kids don't ask questions anymore.  They know it will turn into something!

Add two cans of spray paint
One large sculptured Vase or container
Black Tulle
I love decorating with Tulle, especially BLACK  for HALLOWEEN!

Add some Halloween Party Bags!
I made my treat bags.
Treat Bags are lined, reversible, and easy to make!
stay tuned!
What I LOVE  about these Twigs....
You can transform them into Fall Harvest and Christmas Decor!
You can find them  in stores everywhere.
You can easily make them for the price of black spray paint.

Celebrate the Season!