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Accessories shine through with unique creations that reflect
I think Kids Rooms are the funnest rooms to decorate since they portray
 a lot of
A nursery is always filled with sweetness!

Little girls room are filled with Pink!
The psychology of color always amazes me.
  PINK ..... 
charming, tender, playful, delicate, sugar and spice, femine and sweet!

Here's a fun PINK craft made from clothespins that bring a lot of
Sparkle, Wimsical fun and Personality to your little girls room!
wood clothes pins, tulle, ribbon, black and pink permanent marker, yarn for hair, paper for crown, pipe cleaners for arms.
Paint the body top pink, ballet shoes and cheeks pink.
add gathered tulle with a glue gun.
Attach hair with yarn to the top of the wooden clothespin.
Make crown by cutting triangles with circle on top.
Embellish with tiny pink ribbon.
You can attach your adorable creations around your child's room. 
We have also attached them to hair barrettes!
You can also hang them from the ceiling with fish line.
Tiny friends find a home in tulip pockets on a pillow sham.
Sew polka-dot fabric pockets to a plain sham. 
Embellish with ribbons, buttons, cute trims and bows!

Fill your day with sweetness, let your personality shine!